the present

the present
For the formation of present tenses, see entry at ↑ Tenses.
talking about the present
The simple present tense is usually used for talking about long-term situations that exist at the present time, regular or habitual actions currently taking place, and general truths.

My dad works in Saudi Arabia.

I get up early and eat my breakfast in bed.

Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade.

The present continuous tense is used to talk about something which is regarded as temporary or something which is happening at the present moment.

I'm working as a British Council officer.

Wait a moment. I'm listening to the news.

There are a number of verbs which are not used in the present continuous tense, even when talking about the present moment. See entry at ↑ Continuous tenses.
Note that present tenses are sometimes used to talk about future events. See entry at ↑ The Future.
For the use of present perfect tenses, see entry at ↑ The Past.

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